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James Tate-Cortese

Cell: 407-865-1910 •  Email:



Apply my knowledge and skills in a full-time or part-time position to provide the highest quality product and service to your customers and company, as well as to add value to their lives and to your enterprise. I’ll utilize my experience to become a vital asset to your company and augment it’s worth.


       Summary of Qualifications:

Works diligently as a team player and a dedicated instruction-follower.

Completes assignments on time and on-target.

Able-bodied with manual labor, as well as certified in CPR and life saving.

Computer-literate and up-to-date on digital and social media and marketing.

Apprenticed with Mr. Maico Vinasco at Real American Computer Services (R.A.C.S.)

Established and maintained a group leadership position as Center Snare of my high school's marching band drum line, requiring the successful teaching and management of a large group of individuals.

Possesses excellent interpersonal, organizational, problem solving, and time-management skills.





American Red Cross Lifeguard and CPR Certification

Four, 12-hour days of hands-on training in CPR, handling various injuries, and performing several types of water rescues.


       Work Experience:


Hideaway Smoke Shop, Winter Springs, FL.                              May 2013 – August 2014

Marketing Associate                                                                                                  407-960-4790     


Possessed precise descriptive information for each of the company’s diverse assets.

Provided enthusiastic and accurate sales service and information about the companies various products.

Advertised the smoke shop to stimulate business flow.


Real American Computer Services, Orlando, FL                          January – August 2014

               Manual Labor, Asset Security & Management                                  407-808-6569


Provided punctual, consistent, and efficient assistance to restock, and relocate company assets, tools, and supplies

Assisted in the construction, disassembly and reassembly of infrastructure for the companies repair services and product lines.



Chris Cortese Music Publishing Company, Orlando, FL                                   February 2014 - Present  

Website Designer/ Musician/Social Media Director/Landscaper                                             407-716-6582         


Designed the website

Worked with song-writers on lyrics to the original rock musical “Best of You!”

Co-produced the “Best of You!” CD, and contributed designs for the album cover illustration.

Served as Social Media Manager for the company.

Maintained the appearance and landscaping of the environment surrounding the publishing residence.


Dollar Tree, Aurora CO

Cashier, Freight handler, Asset relocater.                                August 2014 – October 2014



Swiftly and safely ring up and package the consumer’s items.

Manage the design and location of company assets within the store

Safely and accurately restock all company inventory at an expedited pace.

Provide excellent friendly customer service and possess precise detailed information about each of the diverse company products.


Smoker Friendly, Denver CO

Cashier, Professional retailer, Financial & asset management.         September 2014 – January 2015




Friendly and professionally consult with customers, as well as provide reliably accurate and precise insight on each of the company’s diverse products.

Always kindly check ID’s of customers entering the store to ensure no red cards or fees are given and the store remains a safe and legal place of business.

Consistently manage the stores inventory count and location, as well as place orders to maintain the required supply to meet the demands.

Constantly maintain a safe & clean work environment and ensure no product leaves without being purchased.

Properly and safely close & lock up the store on my own. Including: cleaning the entirety of the stores interior & exterior, track and document lottery ticket counts, accurately counting money in drawers, and digitally and tangibly documenting daily totals. 



Freakies Tattoo & Smoke Shop Denver CO

Cashier, Professional retailer, Financial & asset management.     

January 2015 – February 2015 

(303) 329-0420       


Friendly and professionally consult and discuss customers needs to provide the best offers and products to best benefit the business as well as the consumer.

Retain precise, detailed, and accurate information about the companies' various diverse products and range of services to help augment sales.

Kindly check each customers ID to ensure no fees were incurred upon the store

Precisely manage the finances of the tattoo and piercing artists at the store as well as accurately count the drawer open and closed for each shift.

Clean and take accurate inventory counts after every shift

Relocate and restock company assets to augment sales and variate the appearance of the business according to management.     




Max Quality Glass Head Shop  Denver CO

Website Manager, Retail Store Manager, Glassblower, Glass Designer, Manual Laborer, Photographer, Dropshipper, Professional Salesman

February 2015 - February 11, 2017



Precisely manage company asset counts & inventory location as well as place orders for restocking products when necessary

Designed multiple intrinsic functional water incorporated artistic glass pieces.

Handmade various highly detailed functional & non-functional water incorporated artistic borosilicate and soft glass pipes, rigs, pendants, marbles, tools, and ornaments.

Retain and provide accurate and precise insight for each of the companies' various products and services to ensure consistent customer satisfaction and fluently augment sales

Friendly and professionally consult consumers about their requirements to provide the best & most practical offer and products to benefit the business growth, as well as the customer's needs.

Manage the digital online store inventory location & counts as well as the tangible in-store inventory to augment sales and provide an easy to learn dropshipping system for new employees

Frequently rearrange the entirety of the in-store inventory locations to augment sales, ensure every single product was thoroughly displayed and provide a fresh appearance for returning customers.

Photograph each individual iota of detail for all new products to professionally market each one and to ensure all aspects of the piece are accurately depcted for the customers viewing online

Fabricate precise, accurate and comprehensible descriptions for each piece, part, and detail on every single item to maximize value and sales.

Work highly flexible hours



Full Time Glassblower  Denver CO

Glass Lampworking Artist, Custom Glass Blower, Functional Glass Designer, Website Manager, Dropshipper, Professional Salesman

February 11, 2017 - Present



Professionally create various functional glass designs to precise consistency

Provide a high inventory of multiple different designs to ensure all wholesale needs are met on time

Customize, design, and create my own online store to provide glass product to consumers all over the world

Safely and consistently pack and ship glass out of state to ensure that it arrives in one piece and no losses are taken

Professionally market my glass online and in person via instagram, my website, and travelling to stores in person to display and explain the various benefits and uses for my products





Oviedo High School, Oviedo, FL – Freshman, Sophomore and Junior Years

High School Graduate of Florida Virtual School – Diploma Awarded Senior Year       2012                                                                                                 


Valencia College, Orlando FL – Major in Music Business, Production and Engineering

Graduated with an A.S. in Sound & Music Technology and Sound Production.           2020


       Work related achievements & Skills:


       Proficient Drummer and Percussionist specializing on the drum set and marching snare.


       Producer and Artist of the “Easy Lovin” EP an original 4 track album I composed in Denver with guitarist and vocalist Ethan Lovell


       Developed, directed and assisted in shooting and editing 2 music videos for the  “Easy Lovin” band as well as social media marketing.


       Well-rounded in Digital audio / video workstations i.e. Protools, Ableton, Fruity Loops, Reason, Photo Shop, Final Cut Pro, and Logic Pro. I’ve utilized them to compose 15+ electronically and acoustically produced recorded songs since high school.


       Filmed, edited and produced instructional demonstrations on glassblowing techniques and marketed them on


       Awards and Certificates:


American Red Cross Lifeguard and CPR Certification                                                                  2013


Lead Center Snare of Oviedo High School Marching Band -

(Highest percussion position in the band)                                                                          2012


State championship multi-instrumental percussionist – Oviedo High School Marching Band     2010


Featured Drum Performer in Oviedo High School's Annual Musical Showcases                       2010-12





Kyle Snavely – Video Production and Editing Professor at Oviedo High School and Valencia College – 502-552-5433


Max Patton – Owner of Max Quality Glass a Wholesale International Glass Distribution Company – 303-500-3826


Maico Vinasco – Owner of “Real American Computer Services” - 407-808-6569

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